"I'd just like to give some feedback regarding the new teacher, Nysha, or as Jemima refers to her as "Eesha".


Normally Thursdays are a bit hard for Jemima because her best friend, Romany doesn't attend on that day. However, this morning, Jemima was so excited to come to Charley's because her new friend Eesha is there!!! Jemima was talking about playing outside with 'Eesha' all morning and had her blanket and dummy, ready to fly out the door!!


So I'd just like to say a big thank you to Nysha for joining the amazing family that is Charley's Place and let her know that she's a winner in Jemima's heart!


Also, a massive thank you to all the staff at Charley's Place who continue to provide amazing support, service, laughter and love. You are all amazing!!! Keep up the great work.


Thanks again."

July 2020

"We are writing to express our sincere gratitude for the wonderful service you provide for our children.  Since commencing care with you we have been extremely impressed with every aspect of your Centre.


The staff have been fantastic and so welcoming.  The meals seem to be exceptional and our children are probably eating better than they ever have!  The late afternoon  snacks are great and our sons look forward to seeing what treat is on offer as they leave for the day.


The facilities and resources that you provide (and continually add to)  are  fantastic and ensures the children are always engaged and interested in their play.


We love hearing of the fantastic planning and activities that are done in Kindergarten and thank Miss Shannen and Miss Georgia for their warmth and care for Kyron.


The cleanliness of the centre is exceptional and we are most grateful for Karen’s time ensuring the centre was cleaned thoroughly with the coronavirus situation.


Our absolute favourite aspect is the communication you provide to families.  We adore getting the photos everyday and really value the write ups as it helps us to know what our children have been doing and how we can help engage in conversation about their day’s events (particularly when we can’t hear from them coherently yet).


The date night you put on was so kind and generous of the centre and such a special added bonus , one which we have never had the option of at previous centres.


Also Mr Mike and the soccer/outdoor Ranger Mike is such a fantastic addition, Kyron adores his lessons with him and I know he would love them so much.


Danni and Karen are always welcoming and friendly and have assisted us when we have needed extra casual days or any queries we have had.


We thank you for going over and above for our children and striving to meet such high standards in every aspect of childcare.   


We have been so happy with the centre we have since recommended it to many people, two of which have commenced care for their children too. Thank you again for all the staff at Charley’s Place. We really hope they can receive this feedback as they deserve the recognition and praise.  Thanks again."

Heidi & Ben
March 2020

"The radio was doing a call out to see who in the community was showing Kindness and go beyond their normal role, l immediately responded as l indicated on Wednesday afternoon that l thought your foyer was magnificent, and you guys were truly going beyond and giving people hope in this time of the unknown.


So l just had to respond and l got through as the first caller. l told them what you plan to do with the gift baskets and who would be the lucky recipients although you guys would like to give them to everyone and that you also had your Sharing Shelf. They plugged your Kindy and l was so happy to have been able to nominate you."

March 2020

"Just wanting to let you know I have appreciated everything you guys have done to keep Charley's Place safe for the kids. As Mums we would often compare what our daycare's were doing and you guys are always doing extra than any other place. Well done. Thanks"

March 2020

"I really appreciate you sending these through. Edwin has loved the dinosaur and space modules, they’re right up his alley.


In terms of what’s practical for me personally, activities such as the one where it’s suggested that the children search around the yard for things that dinosaurs might eat are great, as this allows me to continue working on my computer while he completes the activity. Ones like this that keep him occupied and don’t require adult presence 100% of the time are perfect for those of us trying to work from home.


Thanks very much for your efforts in helping keep the kids engaged, it not only helps the kids but I find it also helps my peace of mind, knowing that he’s learning and not just whiling away the days."

April 2020

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