Precious Interactions With Parents

21 Nov 2019

Parent-child interactions are important with children. It helps them better understand their role in the world as well as learning a sense of self. In addition to this, children also learn greater communication skills and respecting the world around them.

All too often drop offs in the morning can be quite challenging. And we get it! It can be very busy as we ensure that our children are up, dressed, fed and bag packed for the day ahead. And then there is ourselves! We need to get dressed, fed and ready for work! So much to think about and that is on a good day! Quite often this doesn't leave a lot of time for drop offs.

However, even spending even just two minutes engaging with your child can mean a world of difference to them. It is a time for children to be able to share what is happening around them and for parents to discover more about what their child sees. It is a way for children to share their learning and really build a genuine partnership between home and the centre.

In our photo, a Dad and child are sharing the story of "The Three Billy Goats Gruff". This was part of our learning yesterday and was significant enough for the child to act it out with his Dad. Such a precious moment!

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