Welcome To The New Year!

09 Jan 2020

Welcome to the new year and new decade everyone! We look forward to seeing all of the happy faces back on board after the holidays. 

Please do enjoy your time as young families this year and we look forward to continuing the fantastic relationships with you all. 

We are all about nurturing success through play and education and for those new families, below is some insight into what it means to us at Charley's. 


Free play allows children to find what they love and explore it, to share, to extend themselves, to take risks and to balance themselves against those risks based on their own boundaries, fears, confidence and skills. To build resilience which helps them grow in their changing world. 


To develop an understanding of their world, how they fit and what those things around them mean. Education enables children to extend their passion into a learning experience to help them grow. 


Nurturing success through play and education, both structured and self-discovered by each individual’s curiosity is a key goal. For children to become confident decision makers on their wellbeing, play, risk taking and learning is success. For children to be able to explore their own passions and share those of others in a meaningful way is success. 

We hope you all enjoy this new decade - Welcome to the 20's, let's hope it's a roaring success for everyone!

Cheers, Pete

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